An Open Letter to Those Who Say, “NO! DON’T GO THERE!”

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As I continue to get messages and replies, I have been released from On High to share my sentiments on Israel, Palestine and beyond.

An open letter to those who say,



Thank you so much for your comment. I am incredibly pleased to hear from you. The gift of this educational tour is to see the conglomeration of the bitter and beautiful. The goal of Passages Israel and COGIC World Missions is to provide an authentic experience of Israel.

Although much that I’ve experienced has been magnificently overwhelming because of the Biblical historical context while visiting, I’ve also witnessed heart wrenching facts right before my eyes and observed the misery that many endure. I’ve touched these people and walked on their grounds in their community.

This is certainly a place to tour. 

Starting a Fire in Nairobi


My latest “Diary of a Travel-Diva” article is live!  Read the excerpt below to find out how I managed to start a fire in Kenya last fall.

This is right before the fire broke out.

This is right before the fire broke out.

Well, it was time for me to get to work. I watched my tutor show me how to push down and stir the ugali. It took just about all of my strength to stir the heavy mass of grounded corn and water. I was given a cloth to help me turn the hot pot and the wooden spoon helped me press down the dish over the open fire. Just when I thought I had gotten the hang of it, someone screamed, “It’s burning! It’s burning!” Being new to this ugali business,

Human Family


As I was turning on my ePodium and preparing for today’s lecture, I greeted one of my students as she walked in class. I work to make eye contact and speak to each of my students as they walk through the door. Today was no different.

I get inspired by my students’ wardrobe choices and love watching how they express themselves. Today brought a bit of a shock though.

I’ve seen a millennial sporting a RUN DMC t-shirt on the streets of Hangzhou, China.

I’ve seen breakdancing at a restaurant in Laos.

I’ve even heard this phrase while walking down the street in Sydney, Australia.

But, I wasn’t expecting to see it or hear it in my classroom in Saudi Arabia.