No Credit Cards for 7 Continents

🍃While living and working abroad, both companies in #China and #SaudiArabia provided lodging for me free of charge. I simply had to steward what I received.🌿

🌿Five years ago, while teaching in China, I paid off the commercial debt that I had which was less than $1,000. My trip to #Antarctica cost $5,000+. I used savings to pay for it. Responsible stewardship is critical.🍃

🍃After my first year of teaching English in China, I returned home for a vacation and sold my luxury car (Volkswagen Eos, hardtop convertible) in order to achieve my seven by 30 goal. I simply broke even with that sell.🌿

🌿My current debt comes from my school loans from @oralrobertsu. I am believing that through appropriate stewardship, that will be demolished soon too. It takes #discipline and #sacrifice, but it can be done. 🍃

🍃The goal is to live debt free; this is not to say that I will never use a credit card or acquire any type of debt, but I do desire to experience the rewards of applying the Word to my life and using wisdom. 🌿


Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to #love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law. 🍃

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🌿The first step is #StackYourChips. 🌿💸💶💷💴💰
Ciao for now!


P. S. Carry only what you need. This goes for finances, physical weight, and luggage. Even airlines, bus companies, and trains charge you more for going over your limit in weight. There is always a penalty for excess. #Shalom 🌿

Fresh Start LIVE | Charity Fisher |Karissa Johnson

The honor was all mine when Charity Fisher invited me on her show, Fresh Start LIVE! If you’ve never heard my testimony of seeing all seven continents before 30, now is the time. My first trip abroad was at 26 and I made it to Antarctica at 29. Possibilities await you. Start now!

Over 3,000 have watched this interview on Facebook with over 30 shares. Watch the full video from Charity’s YouTube page below and feel free to comment and subscribe!

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Oh, L💋VE.

Spoken by ⚓️

Matthew 22:37-40 New International Version (NIV)

37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” ⤵️

✌🏿❤️He leaves us with these two commandments: Love. Love. 

✌🏿❤️Everything that we are to do hangs on these two requests. If we don’t get the first one right, it’s inevitable that we’ll mess up the last request. 

✌🏿❤️Once our hearts are sincerely turned toward Him, our actions will reflect a deep level of intimacy. Our words will reflect quality relationship with Him. Our minds will be elevated to think loving thoughts like Him. We’ll allow our conversations to be full of grace and seasoned with salt. (#Col4v6) This won’t come unless we’ve allowed Him to be our anchor. ⚓️

✌🏿❤️Many times we don’t love our neighbors correctly because we’ve not learned to love ourselves correctly. More intimacy with the Creator allows us to understand that we are crafted and created in His image. He created us for His glory; He created us well. When we learn to love Him well, we will learn to love ourselves well, and we will learn to love others well. 

✌🏿❤️Today and always, focus your hearts and minds on these two commandments. Strive to perfect the first one, daily. Strengthening your relationship with the Almighty will enable you to have strong, wholesome, and healthy relationships with those around you. This is His desire for your life. 


K ❤️ R I S S ❤️

Another Delayed Flight?! (Oh They That Wait!)

✨W a i t . 💫 #Devotional

Last night my sister, Kinesha Johnson-Roach, was returning from LA and her flight got delayed. Her bags were packed and she was on time for her departure. She waited with great anticipation to quickly return home to be with her husband and children. Her heart dropped when she looked up and heard that her flight would be delayed.


Immediately, I heard “His hold up may be your hook up.” and sent it to her and my sisters in our WhatsApp group chat. 

Often times, we get flustered or frustrated by the “good things” that we have to wait for. In my travels, every single time there was a hold up, a hook up was not far from it. 

Maybe it wasn’t good for her flight to be on time because she would’ve missed meeting someone who would pour into her life–or vice versa. 


Waiting on the Lord for whatever you’re waiting for may seem frustrating and aggravating, but wait, I say, on the Lord. It will all be worth it. 



✌🏿❤️ Karissa

#Psalm84v11 #NoGoodThing #ThankYouInAdvance #TheWaitIsWorthIt #WhatAreYouWaitingFor #Isa40v31 #devotional #devos #shalom 



(And all across the globe this summer and beyond.)

Guard your hearts.

Guard your minds.

Guard your imaginations, fantasies, and time!

Be on guard!

Every kingdom-minded man or woman is not for you! Just because he’s/she’s kingdom and he’s/she’s single, it does not mean you should marry, entertain, or consider him/her. 

Be on guard and be watchful!


Song of Solomon says this over and over again! #Beware and do not be easily moved or swayed! 

Steward the time He has given you this week, fiercely! You will not regret it! Fix your gaze on Him and do not shift your focus or stir up love until He releases you! 💕💙


(Don’t go to their room. It’s not a win!)

(I rebuke unplanned pre-marital pregnancies, groomers, ADULTERY, diseases, and rape in Jesus’ Name!)

Surprise Me, Lord!


🙏🏿And most of all, help me to do Your will. In #Jesus’ Name, #Amen. 

✌🏿Contrary to popular belief, God does not surprise us with negative things. #Disasters, #disappointments, and #destruction all come from a place of #prophecy or #warning.  

Unfortunately, we don’t always get still and quiet enough to hear His still, small voice whispering to us about the thing that will soon #shake us. 

However, He is yet #faithful. He is yet #just. He continues to surround us with His #lovingkindness and #tender mercies. 

He’s #faithful; that’s His character. He’s just; that’s His responsibility. He’s ours; that’s our endless treasure. 

Our role is to reverence and steward our #GreatTreasure fiercely, desperately, and sincerely. 

He IS a rewarder to them that diligently seek Him. #Hebrews11v6

The greatest reward, though, is simply that we can seek Him, know Him, and find Him. That is to be our great treasure. And where our treasure is, there will our heart be also. #Matt6v21

#HideAndSeek ✨#SURPRISE 💫

🙌🏿 #MyNewPrayer #HelpMeToDoYourWill #SurpriseMe

An Open Letter to Those Who Say, “NO! DON’T GO THERE!”


As I continue to get messages and replies, I have been released from On High to share my sentiments on Israel, Palestine and beyond. 

An open letter to those who say, 



Thank you so much for your comment. I am incredibly pleased to hear from you. The gift of this educational tour is to see the conglomeration of the bitter and beautiful. The goal of Passages Israel and COGIC World Missions is to provide an authentic experience of Israel. 

Although much that I’ve experienced has been magnificently overwhelming because of the Biblical historical context while visiting, I’ve also witnessed heart wrenching facts right before my eyes and observed the misery that many endure. I’ve touched these people and walked on their grounds in their community. 

This is certainly a place to tour. 

If one relies solely on others’ experiences and does not take advantage of placing their feet on the ground to get an accurate pulse of the place, they are undoubtedly doing themselves a disservice. This is compulsory for all who have an opinion about any place. If they have relied solely on the sore spots, they haven’t served themselves well. If they rely solely on the sweet spots, they have not served themselves well. If they are favored with the opportunity to be fully present and witness the struggles and the strengths of the place, then they are still only getting a glimpse or a sliver of the full story. 

Some have only seen the flowers, but have never seen the fire. Some have only seen the missiles, but have never seen the mountains. Some have only seen the terror, but have never seen the triumph. All must be seen. All must be heard. The sorrow is that we will never see it all.

Even last night we had a journalist come and speak before over 400 of us regarding the Ethiopian Jews and the similar struggle with Black Lives Matter, but in Israel! 

I have explored seven continents, and the story is always the same. It’s told with different accents and with a vast range of backgrounds and textures, but the core is always the same. 

Each and every place is a beautiful rose with many thorns. 

Each individual is a beautiful rose with many thorns. 

I don’t discredit the beauty of a country because of its thorns. I don’t discredit the brutality of a country because of its beautiful petals. That’s unjust. It’s inaccurate and sorely jaded, vexing, and foul. 

Many were disgusted, afraid, and fearful as I trekked along my journey, especially in the Middle East. Many who bore those sentiments experienced only one side or perhaps their readings, research, and reasoning led them to share in that manner.

I have yet to process all of the beauty and bitterness of my first trip abroad to the U.K. and that was in 2011. I have yet to process all of the beauty and bitterness from China and that was 2012-2013. I have yet to process what happened with all the beauty and bitterness during the year that I taught in Saudi Arabia and that was 2014-2015. And finally, as an American, I am still trying to process all of beauty and bitterness I’ve experienced since I was a child. 

These things take time. Thousands of years, to be precise. This I know to be true: “As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto ALL men…” #Gal6v10

Feelings, friendships, and fouls are fleeting. News comes and goes at such a rapid pace, it is challenging, to say the least, to articulate a well-rounded pulse on any situation.

It’s a slippery slope for me to look at one nation, one city, and one region and cancel them out because of the devastating brutality of a section of the people. 

After listening to some Israeli soldiers yesterday, who were actually American born, I was able to understand what the enemy actually is. In the past I would look at countries and discern if they were allies or advocates of each other. 

During our session yesterday, I was enlightened by a soldier that the enemy should not deal with race, it should not deal with gender, it should not deal with religion, but the enemy is the following:

One who has

the will,

the desire,

the intent,

and the means for destruction, devastation, and harm.

If I, an African-American Christian am judged based off of the 45th President’s stance on all matters and based off of all of his decisions, that would be a terrible misjudgment. He is who he is. I am who I am. 

There is bitter beauty in asking, “What’s the full story on this? What’s my responsibility regarding this?” The answers to these questions are unending. 

I am yet in search for more understanding of the full story in every land, especially this one. The truth is beautifully bitter. It’s staggeringly sober. It’s violently vivid. 

I have never cried so many tears of joy followed by sorrowful weeping in any country other than Israel.

I’ve never been welcomed into the parliament and in the same week visited Kibbutz where bombs and missiles had the capacity of launching while I stood on the grounds with the aroma of the last blast angrily seeping through. Tragedy and triumph have gone hand in hand in just a little more than a week.

So as I hear your heart as you write, I pray that you will hear mine. I pray not only for Israel, but for Palestine. I pray for peace. I pray for more hope. I pray that the soldiers that I hugged and met yesterday will continue to serve in the highest level of decency of morality as possible. I pray for what their eyes have seen and what their hands will do.

I pray that my life will forever be Christ-centered and love-based. I’m grateful that I got to walk on the land where my Savior bled and died only to be just feet away from where a Palestinian killed an Israeli solider who I possibly passed earlier that day. Her blood still cries out for peace along with those Palestinians and Israelis who are in a brutal battle that is much higher than ethnicity, religion, race, gender, or even land. It’s so much more than flesh and blood. I see this here. It’s a spiritual matter that requires a sober spirit to listen deeply and learn quickly. 

I must increase the rate in which I process this information so that I can be part of the change within myself, at home, and abroad.

I must reflect on this Word, “To whom much is given, much is required.” There is a sense of a greater responsibility that has been heavily draped on my shoulders. There is an innumerable amount of takeaways from this educational tour. The eyes of the Palestinians and Israelis that I looked into and the hands of the people that I touched brings me to my knees. I praise God for this heritage-filled trip. These are my people. This is our blood. Here lies the Spirit of God. His presence is yet here. His anger is here as well. Both reside in the same neighborhood.

As I return to my home, the commission is great, indeed. I see that clearly; living it out is not easy, but it is always worth it.

May you continue to carry the burdens and callings of your heart with grace, mercy, and love. I will continue to carry out mine.


Karissa Denae Johnson

Treasured Trinkets

👵🏾 On the #WashingtonDeluxe 🚌 #bus from #NYC to #DC and I’m grateful for the last rest stop. I just took one of the #bracelets that my 103 year-old Great-Grandma Brown left behind after transitioning in February (She departed on #Superbowl Sunday and during Black History Month. She did nothing small even in her departure! 😂) and moved it closer to my #heart. ❤️
I called my grandma on every single continent except for #Antarctica because the cost was astronomical to call from the #ship. Instead, I called her in #Ushuaia #Argentina and since she spread news like #wildfire, I told her to tell the troops. My trip to #Israel was the first trip abroad that I took without making a call to Grandma. I called her on dozens of countries on 6 continents. I’d call my grandma before my parents at times because I knew she’d answer. 🤣 She always did. So glad to know that I have pieces of her that I can cherish and treasure for a lifetime. ☀️


Grandma 👵🏾 Brown, if you’re able to somehow read this as you’re present with the Lord, #ThankYou! Your advice, golden. Your love, treasured. Your legacy, eternal. 💋
Great-Grandma Maudlean Brown, #Duchess of #Omaha, I will strive to forever honor the God that you served with all of your heart, mind, body, and soul. I love Y💋U!


COGIC World Missions’ Youth Trip to Israel

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I Pray for THAT Land

I Pray for THAT Land – by Karissa Denae Johnson

I pray for that land,

Where worshipping You

Is always banned.
I pray for that land.


I lift up my voice,

For those without 

Free will or choice.
I lift up my voice.


I’m praying for you,

Where knowing “You”

Is beyond taboo.
I’m praying for you.


I pray for that place,

Where seeking His face

Is a disgrace.
I pray for that place.


We’re lifting your names.

As you aim to bring him fame

And take the blame.
We’re lifting your names.


I pray He’ll conceal.

For seeking His will

Can get you killed.
I pray He’ll conceal.


I pray for that land.

I lift up my voice.

I’m praying for you.

I pray for that place.

We’re lifting your names.

I pray He’ll conceal.


I pray for that land.


(And this land too.)