Ebook-Cover-Karissajohnson-1-3D2Brace yourself.

7 Steps to the 7th Continent is an account from a newbie traveler venturing off to a sacred, mysterious land. In this lighthearted and inspirational how-to, Karissa Johnson walks readers through how she slipped, tripped, and finally cruised safely to one of the most remote places on Earth–Antarctica. Her adventure to get there nearly matched the adventure that she met once she arrived to the frozen continent.  

If you’ve never thought you’d be interested in visiting, Antarctica, 7 Steps to the 7th Continent will make you think again. Join Karissa on this journey and see how her short, vivid expedition may inspire you on your next one.


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What they’re saying around the world about 7 Steps to the 7th Continent:

Emil Källström | Swedish Parliament Member | Sweden

“There’s a famous Swedish poem that declares that even though one has goals and destinations, it is the journey itself that’s worth the struggle. I don’t know if Karissa has ever heard this verse, but she’s definitely lived it. 

7 Steps to the 7th Continent is a story of both geographical and inner traveling. For all of us trying to find the right journey to make it all worthwhile, this book provides guidance and inspiration.”

Sabrina Pellizzari | Antarctica Explorer & New Friend | Argentina

“Total silence, watching true wildlife in their essence. Waking up to stunning views and getting to know people from all over the world, each with different backgrounds but one goal:  to see (and live) the Frozen Continent.

What started as a guide to get to the bottom of the world, turned into an inspirational book on “how to achieve your dreams.” My amazing Antarctica friend Karissa, somehow manages to break down getting to the bottom of the earth into real and achievable steps. Anyone who wants to embark on this (or any) adventure will find use and most of all motivation in this book.”

Alexey Seafarer | 2nd Officer – MV Polar Pioneer | Russia & Kazakhstan

“Karissa’s book “7 Steps to the 7th Continent” has helped me to see to my work from other side–the passenger’s point of view. Now I can better understand our tourists, their thoughts and emotions during Antarctic voyages. Furthermore this book is very interesting and exciting, I really like it. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to visit Antarctica as an instruction on how to do this.  I respect people who have dreams and make them real.” 

Leanne Khan | Graphic Artist & Comm. Specialist | South Africa

“A truly motivational and informative book about committing to your goals and the joys of experiencing your hard work and sacrifices come to fruition.

A great step-by-step guide for planning and executing any trip!”

Audry Mpofu | Recording Artist & Lawyer| South Africa

“The world through the eyes of a brave soul that left the comfort of home and chose to explore unseen beauty and experiences only felt in dreams. A travel story with a map to the expansion of mind, body, and spirit.”

Christopher Jarvis | Musician | United Kingdom

“As I read this book, I felt like I was on the trip with her! The vocabulary she uses really reflects on every emotion she felt as she was embracing different pastures so far from home! This was truly a great read, a real page turner!”

Rachid Fariss رشيد فارس | Karissa’s 1st Arabic Translator | Morocco 

“Your book inspired me a lot, and I learned a lot from it. It’s really great.” 

Rachel Hill | Biz Coach & Travel Blogger | Worldwide

I absolutely commend Karissa for stepping out of her comfort zone and setting such an amazing goal to travel to all 7 continents by 30! This book is amazing!  I will be using it as a guide for my LAST continent to Antarctica!”

Jessica Phillips | Photographer & Blogger | New York, USA

“I literally imagined climbing, walking, breathing, moving, touching, laughing, and more.  It put me there with you. I traveled with you, but after reading, I now want to experience this for myself.”


Robert Pickett | Intl. Youth Advisory Council President | Virginia, USA

“She inspired me…and her words will inspire others in places that her feet won’t tread, her hands won’t touch, and her eyes won’t see.” 

Ré Phillips | International Visual & Performing Artist | Worldwide

“This is not a dress rehearsal for life. This is life—the real thing.  And this book reminds us of just that. It will challenge you to make the most of this life that we have, to squeeze every drop from it and leave no stone unturned. It will encourage you to get uncomfortable, because that’s where the growth happens. It will give you a surreal glance into the journey that awaits us all, if we take the challenge.”



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