An Open Letter to Those Who Say, “NO! DON’T GO THERE!”

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As I continue to get messages and replies, I have been released from On High to share my sentiments on Israel, Palestine and beyond.

An open letter to those who say,



Thank you so much for your comment. I am incredibly pleased to hear from you. The gift of this educational tour is to see the conglomeration of the bitter and beautiful. The goal of Passages Israel and COGIC World Missions is to provide an authentic experience of Israel.

Although much that I’ve experienced has been magnificently overwhelming because of the Biblical historical context while visiting, I’ve also witnessed heart wrenching facts right before my eyes and observed the misery that many endure. I’ve touched these people and walked on their grounds in their community.

This is certainly a place to tour. 

Mini-Mogul | Major Impact

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1. an important or powerful person, especially in the motion picture or media industry.
synonyms:  magnate, tycoon, VIP, notable

S C E N E:  Aksarben Suites |  Omaha, Nebraska

A brilliant, well-read, confident, striking, bronze, shapely mother.
A bubbly, curious, handsome whiz kid.
A student of the aforementioned characters. (Me.)

Never too old to be a student. Never too young to be a teacher. – unknown

Every adventure begins at home. The adventure I partook in this weekend swept me away like never before.  Let me ‘splain.

White House, Pink Eye, Red Dress, Black Man


It’s been 22 days since my last post and a lot has gone down since I’ve last written you all. Well, it’s gone up, really!

First of all, after a quick Google a few minutes ago, I stumbled upon this article that was written a few months ago by Janice Gilmore for the Omaha World-Herald, “Her ailment proved to be a stroke of good fortune.” I didn’t know that it was posted online. I called the OWH months ago to see if they would post it, and they did. Woohoo!

Last week I was one of the 8,000 Nebraskans who flooded the Baxter Arena to hear from the most famous, current resident of the White House. Standing beside my oldest sister and my oldest nephew, we listened as President Obama spoke in our home state. Having my family by my side made me treasure that experience even more.


Days later, I was bummed about the gunk that I gazed at in the mirror. Did I touch too many rails?