White House, Pink Eye, Red Dress, Black Man


It’s been 22 days since my last post and a lot has gone down since I’ve last written you all. Well, it’s gone up, really!

First of all, after a quick Google a few minutes ago, I stumbled upon this article that was written a few months ago by Janice Gilmore for the Omaha World-Herald, “Her ailment proved to be a stroke of good fortune.” I didn’t know that it was posted online. I called the OWH months ago to see if they would post it, and they did. Woohoo!

Last week I was one of the 8,000 Nebraskans who flooded the Baxter Arena to hear from the most famous, current resident of the White House. Standing beside my oldest sister and my oldest nephew, we listened as President Obama spoke in our home state. Having my family by my side made me treasure that experience even more.


Days later, I was bummed about the gunk that I gazed at in the mirror. Did I touch too many rails? Shake too many hands and then take my hand to my eye? Whatever it was, I had a funky mess for a couple of days. On my day home from work, I made sure that my pink eye didn’t interfere with the Scrabble game I played with my Pa. I won’t tell you who won, but it was a good game. Ten point difference!

Last Saturday, I got to support a young lady at the Miss Nebraska USA pageant.  For the past few years I’ve watched her blossom into such a fine young woman. She represented her family well in the pageant and even walked away with the title of Miss Congeniality! Miss Sandra Hayes sashayed across the stage in form fitting red dress, carrying style and grace oh so well. I’m so proud of you, Sandy!


Finally, this Monday on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I met the governor, sang with some of Omaha’s greatest vocalists and joined about 500 listeners as we heard from Dr. France Davis and some of our city’s leaders. The Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance of Metropolitan Omaha hosted this event where scholarships were presented to four graduating high school seniors. It’s an event that I look forward to whenever I’m in Omaha. I was just bummed that my phone died as the luncheon was starting. Too much Snapchat before it started! I’ll definitely be prepared next go ’round!

This week I reflected on a conversation I had with a student in China over three years ago. He told me about his knowledge of Dr. King and how he was such a great man, not just a great Black man, but just a great man. He spoke of how we all should learn from him. It was a one on one session and I was blown away by his knowledge of Dr. King. He even knew his birthday and the day he died. He said, “All children in China have to learn about him!” Isn’t that remarkable?!

Well, I better log off before I head to prayer and choir rehearsal. Do Space is going to be my new favorite place to get work done. 72nd & Dodge. Check it out! That’s where I wrote this tonight.

Oh! If you’re in Omaha this weekend and don’t have a church home, I’ll be speaking this Sunday for our Youth Sunday at my home church, Christ Cathedral in Bellevue. Come join us and have an incredible weekend!

Love ya!



4 thoughts on “White House, Pink Eye, Red Dress, Black Man

  1. Did in so Godly proud of you ans all of your accomplishments. I’m also Godly proud of Sandy my other little sister.
    When you speak on this upcoming youth day let the Lord use you in a mighty mighty way! I want to say to you the Johnson sister from out of town (in my children’s voices)…lol…keep up the good work and let the Lord minister through and to you. Love with an ever lasting love. Your big sis. Tiffany

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    1. Thank you so much, big sis! I truly appreciate your constant love and support. I love you and your entire family. You all have been such a blessing for so many years. I was so proud of Sandy too! That’s our girrrrrrl!!!! Much love to you and the tribe!


  2. What an exciting January you’ve been having! Love that you got to witness the president in his last hurrah! Congrats Sandy! Hard work pays off and she was working hard! Keep writing and blessing!

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