Boss Babe

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👋🏿Hey, girl!

💃🏿Let’s chat. This whole Proverbs 31 woman is not some weak chick. She’s far from basic. She’s a badd girl.

🤸🏿‍♀️Check her out:

She’s up before the birds even get to singing.

She’s a BOSS.

She owns land.

She’s a stylist.

Her negotiating skills are 🔥.

She grinds cuz she knows her capacity and is willing to tap into it.

Winter won’t catch her by surprise.

She ain’t just running her mouth.

She’s not talking just to be talkinnn.

The woman can delegate.

The green thumb of hers brings fruit to her house.

She’s rocking her own clothing line.

She’s global.

Sweat doesn’t scare her.

She’s not afraid of werkkkk.

There are touches of her crafts throughout the home.

Her husband can trust her with his name and his coins—but she definitely has her own #coins and her own name. #NoShade

She’s a stellar steward.

Finally, she’s a flipping philanthropist!

Oh, yeah! Aesthetically, the world sees her as wildly pleasing.

Did you see her shoes tho?

This morning as we prepare for our day, let’s be reminded that WE are far from #BASIC.

WE are called to make BOSS moves.


WE were SENT to help CHANGE this WORLD.

Wake up, pretty girl. Let’s go SHAKE the NATIONS!

#WakeUpWednesday #HereWeGo #GoDoBe ✌🏿❤️

4 thoughts on “Boss Babe

  1. Hey Sis.

    I see you’ve continued to be busy since you last ministered to us here at Cathedral of Faith in Atlanta, GA! It’s great to see Women of God operating in the Kingdom like you do, and your posts are awesome! I too have been busy, and finally launched my Website-you sort of inspired me to get up off of my ‘rusty dusty’ and get busy again-LOL!! Take a look at it when you get a chance; the Lord has been dealing with me about the topic of ‘Spiritual Identity in Christ’ for many years now, and the book is soon to follow- I’m almost done with the Manuscript.

    Safe Travels,

    Bro. Sidney

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    1. Woah! This is unbelievable! God bless you, Bro. Sidney! I am absolutely delighted to hear from you and to know what GREAT works you’re doing for the Kingdom! Way to go with giving God a YES! I can’t wait to get back to Cathedral of Faith! Please drop me a line so I can see your website. Congratulations on the LAUNCH!


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