Fighting in China


Three years ago I moved to a dreamy city in China called Hangzhou.  One of my favorite things to do after work was to go to the foot massage shop down the street from my job.  For a few bucks you could get a relaxing foot massage to put you at ease, but the best therapy was this lil’ guy who gave me loads of laughs.  His parents worked at the shop and he was always around to give me a plenty of entertainment.

This video captures one of our priceless moments. I never fully understood him and he never full understood me, but we absolutely, without a doubt, knew that we had a ball together.

Xiao Peng You vs. Karissa

Xiao Peng You means little friend in Mandarin Chinese.  Check out the fight, “Xiao Peng You vs. Karissa,” with my little friend and tell me who you think won.

13 thoughts on “Fighting in China

  1. This is so awesome! I love that this was captured and how adorbs fighting in your dress!! Keep living and inspiring, this makes me kinda wanna see China (but that air quality tho 😉 lol insider)


    1. Hahaha! The air quality!

      It was so impromptu. I was wearing what I wore earlier that day, but he didn’t care. He just saw his big auntie and had to get to business! 😉


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