A Night to Remember


It’s hard to believe that nearly a year has gone by. I’m days away from my Riyadh anniversary.  On Wednesday night, volunteers from my church were honored for our year of service.  I cried at the closing prayer after taking in the fact that this chapter will indeed close this year. God has richly blessed me in this beautiful country and I will be forever grateful.

With Sister Iffy who I sing with in the Anointed with Grace Choir.

So grateful for an incredible year in Riyadh!


This dress was less than $10 at the Princess Souq here in Riyadh. Shh! Don’t tell anyone that I told you that. 😉

Sitting with my beloved friend and event coordinator, LaTrai. Food was in my mouth, but I tried to play it off.


The hardest working woman in event coordinator business, LaTrai Daniel. Thanks for your hard work, girl!

With First Lady Ola and Miss LaTrai.

Cheesing hard for the cam. What a great night!


Ladies in red and midnight blue.

Looking forward to what God has planned.

10 thoughts on “A Night to Remember

  1. Y’all look beautiful and you are serving mama yaaaassssss!!! This night was God’s design and His plan will not be what??!! thwarted!!! Come on somebody!! You and Trai are awesome!! Keep working for the kingdom, ‘oh the places you will go’ (that’s from some kids book I think lol)


  2. You know you should have named this #watertowine! Thank you so much for being ‘there’ and having a leash on my behind!!!! When I saw you and April night before I felt so supported. That was an amazing event but we lookedid fabulous!

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    1. I was so glad to be part of such an auspicious event! I am proud of you and your success as an event coordinator. I can only imagine what God has planned for you! 🙂


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