Karissa & Karisa in Kenya


P1190016 - CopyIt was an honor to meet this man named Karisa.  Before I left for Kenya, a Kenyan friend of mine let me know that I had a man’s name and I’d probably meet a man named Karisa while traveling. Well, I met two while in Kenya.  I learned that the Chonyi name for Karisa means shepherd or herder.  What an honor to carry such a great name.

10 thoughts on “Karissa & Karisa in Kenya

  1. Karissa meets Karisa, awesome and awesome to learn the history of the name!! Powerful, it was purposeful for you to be there at that appointed time! God be working it out!!


    1. God always works it out in ways that I couldn’t even conjure up! I mean, I met two men named Karisa and they were both connected to my family out there. The history of the name really blew me away. I was so humbled by those encounters. Thanks be to God!


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