Treasured Trinkets

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👵🏾 On the #WashingtonDeluxe 🚌 #bus from #NYC to #DC and I’m grateful for the last rest stop. I just took one of the #bracelets that my 103 year-old Great-Grandma Brown left behind after transitioning in February (She departed on #Superbowl Sunday and during Black History Month. She did nothing small even in her departure! 😂) and moved it closer to my #heart. ❤️

I called my grandma on every single continent except for #Antarctica because the cost was astronomical to call from the #ship. Instead, I called her in #Ushuaia #Argentina and since she spread news like #wildfire, I told her to tell the troops. My trip to #Israel was the first trip abroad that I took without making a call to Grandma. I called her on dozens of countries on 6 continents. I’d call my grandma before my parents at times because I knew she’d answer. 🤣 She always did. So glad to know that I have pieces of her that I can cherish and treasure for a lifetime. ☀️


Grandma 👵🏾 Brown, if you’re able to somehow read this as you’re present with the Lord, #ThankYou! Your advice, golden. Your love, treasured. Your legacy, eternal. 💋
Great-Grandma Maudlean Brown, #Duchess of #Omaha, I will strive to forever honor the God that you served with all of your heart, mind, body, and soul. I love Y💋U!


4 thoughts on “Treasured Trinkets

  1. Beautiful post! While looking for souvenirs in Africa, I found myself trying to find the right one for grandma. Then, I remembered she wouldn’t be there when we got back 🤧…but I’m grateful she’s in the best place!

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    1. Awwwwwww!!! That’s a tear jerker! She would be so very proud of you and your Mozambique missions trip! Wow! She IS in the best place! ❤️❤️❤️


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