Mourning with Grace & Grit

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And while you’re celebrating, someone somewhere is suffering.

There’s very little grace that accompanies mourning, I’d say.  Plenty of grit with it, paired with sorrow. That’s the natural bit.

But Grace. She’s enviable in my opinion. How she holds her head high while most hold theirs low. I envy her. She grabs tissue for others while tears simultaneously stream down her face. Oh, Grace.


And then there’s Grit. Courageous enough to cry–wail even, openly. Falling in laps continuously to exhale, moan, and weep. Flailing arms high in question and bowing at reality.  You’re so over the top, Grit. I know you well.


But the two are in this marriage; they’re in a playful dance–an ocean even. They come in waves. Grit first, then the Grace. Grace first, then the Grit.  The footwork never figured out quite perfectly. Stepping on each other’s toes over and over again.

Grit and Grace, you clumbsy ones, will eventually figure it out.

Or maybe you’ll just be satisfied                         that you had enough gall                                         to get on the stage                                                       at all.


It’s Saturday for us, but for Michelle, it will always be Sunday from now on. 🙌🏿

In loving memory of my beautiful friend from my church and our community, Michelle Calloway who transitioned during our earthly “rehearsal.” I wasn’t expecting her to exit so soon during “auditions.”

Looks like she got “cast” for the main stage in Heaven.

May peace and favor rest on us.

Glory to God.

Glory to God.

Glory to God.

Glory to God.

Glory to God.

Glory to God.


I did Michelle’s granddaughters’ hair last night. I don’t think I did much helping, but I know that by doing their hair, they sure helped me.

Please keep the entire Calloway family in prayer.

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