I Love You; Prove It.

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I wondered why I was drawn to Colorado this week with Cousin Samuel.

Higher elevation appears critical for me to rise to a place of action–to have the difficult conversations with myself.

Now, I pause to glance back at my hearty writing session from only an hour or so ago.

I am allowing you in on this fiercely floral conversation.

Tickled by my tone, cadence, and posture, I now grow even more thankful for my growth.

DISCLAIMER:  Don’t be alarmed; I’m not always this cold, blunt, or rigid. But some days require it.

💐It begins here:

I dug, trespassingly into my comfort zone and •went• there. Asking rhetorical questions, I ripped at my own ego.


You do realize that you have held the tools to tend the garden of your heart, right? Your mind too. And your body. You know that, right?

🌺Quit playing.

Your energy has been devoted to waiting for those outside of your domain to manicure and till your entire lawn’s pain and disorder, while you simultaneously held the hose. Are you mad? Not in the angry sense, but are you a little touched in the mind?

🌸Kuh. Riss. Suh.

You know I love you, right? Don’t answer that.

Do you know how you caress your garden, Karissa? First of all, stop lying to yourself.

You lean over the fence to gaze at others’ gardens and inquire, “How do they get their kale to bloom so fully? Their soil looks so rich. I wonder which fertilizer they’re using.”

All the while, you are fully aware that your access to those answers do not vary. Why do you even bother forming your lips to ask those questions?

🌷Karissa, you already know; stop asking; act.

Don’t be a well-read, failing gardener. It’s an oxymoron. You have all the knowledge, but your harvest is far from the abundance I desire for you.

No more questions on building wealth today until you’ve applied the knowledge from the four articles you bookmarked last week to enhance your financial literacy.

You don’t get to engage me about what exercise work best for you. Simply take action on your 457 “Let’s move!” Pinterest pins you’ve been storing up over the last three years. It’s literally at your fingertips.

Stop asking about your central post stroke pain. Stop it. You’ve already studied yourself. Nothing frustrates the teacher more than a student asking questions that they already know.

🌸Stop it.

And don’t you dare get into one more prayer line for healing until you have studied your habits and routines. And not only are you required to study, but you must pass the test. Pass the test, then summon the Great I Am.

🌺Be responsible, Karissa.

You already know your temple’s requirements. But just as a courtesy, here they are again:

You now require 7-8 hours of sleep. Your workout regimen is critical to eliminate stress. Stay away from all the whites. No, not those Whites. You can keep those friends. These whites:  white sugar, white bread, white potatoes. Drink water galore. Hot water, first thing in the morning and constantly throughout the course of your day to keep yourself hydrated, to aid in digestion, and encourage steady blood flow.


You get one day each month for Mt. Dew. You already know which week you get a pass. Enjoy your pass for the day, then veer right.

🌻Veer right.

Walk outside and get fresh air daily for at least 30 minutes. If for some reason while indoors you become overwhelmed, move. Remember what God said to you: Movement helps move it. Don’t sit idly entertaining your pain and allowing your pain to entertain you.

🌼Wisdom, Karissa. Wisdom.

If you remain in the same position without rising or removing yourself from the situation, it is possible that you may get ill and the pain may commence without your formal invitation.

🌳Stop the madness. Rise.

And if you, yourself, have not meditated, prayed, and read from the Master’s Manual, you have thoroughly deprived yourself of the abundant life you claim to so desperately desire.

💐Now, take a deep breath. We’re about to go there.

FaceTime, Facebook Video Messenger, Skype, Snapchat must go.

💐Breathe. Only in relation to men.

Let me clarify, Karissa. Your family can engage with you, but outside of that, no photos and videos of yourself can be sent privately to men. Even business related items will require a third party. Discretion, Karissa. Accountability.

🌷Trust me.

Not even a selfie. Not even a photo of your pinky toe. I mean it.

I want better for you. You’re not parched. You’re not thirsty. You have thousands of public images and videos on all of your social media platforms. Thousands, Karissa. Refer them to those. They capture your voice, mannerisms, demeanor, and beyond.

Say goodbye to selfies and “Just saying hi!” videos. Not for you. You’re officially past that. Not even for your boyfriend, should he decide to show up.

Your husband, if he decides to surface, will be the sole recipient of that level of attention and intimacy.

🌷I know it seems a bit harsh and drastic.

Validation, praise, and attention must not come from them, but from your Father and Creator–The Master Gardener.

You’re released for phone calls with those who appear interested and who you’re curious about. That grace, I’ll toss your way. Those sincerely interested in pursuing you will make the weighty sacrifice to physically stand in your presence.

🌻Don’t cheapen yourself.

You’re not parched. You’re not thirsty. You’re well-watered. Bloom and flourish as if you are.

🌸Depth, Karissa. Depth.

Courage is a beautiful thing. Take heart, my love.

The only reason why I’m so hard on you is because I see your potential. Don’t be so easily offended. I’m going somewhere with this.

No longer can you be intimidated by the vibrancy of your own future. Stop being silly, girl. Go for it. Press. Run to it. Face it head-on.

Your Source is Great. Stay grounded; stay rooted in Him.

Now that we have all of that out of the way, where is your hose? We need to flush some more rubbish out the way this morning.

One last thing:

💐I love you; prove it.


#Matt7v7 #Psa138v8


Readers, have you written a letter to yourself? Did you write back?


This, undoubtedly, will be an excerpt from my upcoming book, that is geared to release later this summer. Subscribe to my blog and follow me on social media to stay updated.


❄️Hopefully that wasn’t too cold for you. If so, warm up with my book about Antarctica, “7 Steps to the 7th Continent:  How I Planned for Antarctica and What Really Went Down. Retrieve it on sevenby30.com/books. The English version is only $.99. That’s about the price of five packs of seeds.


“All I have needed Thy hand has provided. Great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me.”

Ciao for now!

K ⭐️ R I S S ❤️ Denae J 🍎H N S 🌍 N

3 thoughts on “I Love You; Prove It.

  1. Powerful! That didn’t seem cold. Maybe a little cool. But you made a really good point. It’s good you’re removing the distractions. I’m learning that myself. “Nature abhors a vacuum ” we fill spaces within ourselves with unnecessary things when the space is meant for God. To elaborate more, sometimes there are actions that we should be doing but instead we use other things as distractions. If you remove the distractions, a void/vacuum will be made, be mindful to replace them with better things.


  2. I have read this piece twice. It continues to bless me. All I can say is thank you for this. It is a reminder for me that self-care is essential, my body is a temple, and God has a purpose for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Woah! Praise the Lord! And yes, you are absolutely correct. Your body is a temple. And self-care is certainly essential! He expects that from us. I love that you got something from this and I definitely give glory to God.


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