Antarctica: A Dream Fulfilled


DSCN2504As many of you know, I sailed off for Antarctica a month ago. On March 25, 2015, I got on the Ushuaia MV and set sail for Antarctica. My port city was Ushuaia, Argentina. The pictures begin in Ushuaia.  What you’re getting ready to see is my journey along the way. My goal of seeing all seven continents by my 30th birthday has been reached, finished, accomplished, and yes, fulfilled. Thanks for your support along the way. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words,

This Sums It Up


It´s my first night back in Argentina. I think I´ll get some shut eye and digest what just happened a bit more tomorrow. I want to write more. Really, I do, but I can´t seem to find the words. Oh, and this keyboard is a bit strange too. I´m using the hostel´s computer and I have to figure out the correct symbols in the morning. No energy for that mystery tonight.