The 31st Year: The Year of Resilience 🌹 32: FRUITION


💐Dear 31,

Thank you.

I began to grind my teeth
at your arrival–
frustrated by the fabric
and textures of your entrance,
I grew angry.

Confused by the exit
of many who I loved,
I sat dazed and jaded.

But 31, you resilient one,
you pulled through.

Missed deadlines
and slips of the tongue,
packed schedules,
bountiful partnerships,
you soared.

You maintained.

Listen 31,
don’t you think for a minute
that Proverbs wasn’t about you.

No, your tribe hasn’t surfaced;
Your left hand only bears
a watch, a freckle, and a tiny
but you are virtuous;
you are more than enough.

You rise with the birds–
even beating them singing
some mornings.

How you’ve grown.

Bland colors now
bore you.
Purple, yellow
and green
fill your
as you
roam and explore.

oh resilient one,

Age snatched grandma,
cancer got your friends,
but breath, grit, and grace
gripped Ma.

Thank God it did.

You spent more time on your face this year,
And more time looking up.
The posture of your heart is better,
But not fully erected.

There’s more to do.

But when it’s done,
Oh, 31,
When it is done,

What stories will be told!

For resilience
is a gift
from God.

His steady hand,

💐Shalom, 31. Shalom. 💫

And to you, Dear 32,

You are The Year of Fruition.
It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. 💐

Shalom, 32. Shalom. 💋

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