No Credit Cards for 7 Continents

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🍃While living and working abroad, both companies in #China and #SaudiArabia provided lodging for me free of charge. I simply had to steward what I received.🌿

🌿Five years ago, while teaching in China, I paid off the commercial debt that I had which was less than $1,000. My trip to #Antarctica cost $5,000+. I used savings to pay for it. Responsible stewardship is critical.🍃

🍃After my first year of teaching English in China, I returned home for a vacation and sold my luxury car (Volkswagen Eos, hardtop convertible) in order to achieve my seven by 30 goal. I simply broke even with that sell.🌿

🌿My current debt comes from my school loans from @oralrobertsu. I am believing that through appropriate stewardship, that will be demolished soon too. It takes #discipline and #sacrifice, but it can be done. 🍃

🍃The goal is to live debt free; this is not to say that I will never use a credit card or acquire any type of debt, but I do desire to experience the rewards of applying the Word to my life and using wisdom. 🌿


Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to #love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law. 🍃

🍃More bits and pieces for a buck in my eBook, “7 Steps to the 7th Continent: How I Planned for Antarctica and What Really Went Down” on

🌿The first step is #StackYourChips. 🌿💸💶💷💴💰
Ciao for now!


P. S. Carry only what you need. This goes for finances, physical weight, and luggage. Even airlines, bus companies, and trains charge you more for going over your limit in weight. There is always a penalty for excess. #Shalom 🌿

4 thoughts on “No Credit Cards for 7 Continents

  1. Your stories remind me of the Tim Ferris book the 4 hour Work Week. If you haven’t read it… It really blew my mind and I think it’ll do the same.

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