Another Delayed Flight?! (Oh They That Wait!)

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Last night my sister, Kinesha Johnson-Roach, was returning from LA and her flight got delayed. Her bags were packed and she was on time for her departure. She waited with great anticipation to quickly return home to be with her husband and children. Her heart dropped when she looked up and heard that her flight would be delayed.

Immediately, I heard “His hold up may be your hook up.” and sent it to her and my sisters in our WhatsApp group chat.

Often times, we get flustered or frustrated by the “good things” that we have to wait for. In my travels, every single time there was a hold up, a hook up was not far from it. 

Maybe it wasn’t good for her flight to be on time because she would’ve missed meeting someone who would pour into her life–or vice versa.

Waiting on the Lord for whatever you’re waiting for may seem frustrating and aggravating, but wait, I say, on the Lord. It will all be worth it.


✌🏿❤️ Karissa

#Psalm84v11 #NoGoodThing #ThankYouInAdvance #TheWaitIsWorthIt #WhatAreYouWaitingFor #Isa40v31 #devotional #devos #shalom

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