The Unsolicited Translator

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Today I decided to steal away and visit my home church to write, listen, rest and pray. I was at the altar jotting a few thoughts down and in walked the pastor of our Spanish speaking church, Fey Esperanza.

I was unaware of the church’s schedule and asked if they were meeting tonight. They were planning to pray in about an hour and I let him know that I would plan to join them.

The pastor’s young daughter looked at my things at the altar and said, “Is that a ladybug pillow?” I laughed and said, “Yes.” I quickly gathered my things and snuck away to the library to catch up with my sisters on Whatsapp.

About an hour later, I made my way back into the sanctuary. I kneeled down to pray with the dozen or so that were there. After about 30 minutes of corporate prayer, the pastor began to share with the congregants. I ran back into the library to grab my journal to take notes. I knew I wouldn’t catch everything, but I was sure I would catch something.  Five minutes into his message, he gave an instruction to one of the children present.

A little boy, no more than 10, grabbed his Bible, came back and sat beside me. He whispered, “I’ll translate for you.”

And he did. Tears began to well up in my eyes. His willingness to help blessed me. His vulnerability motivated me. His capacity challenged me. My heart was touched because my needs were met in that simple act.

I came to be in the midst of teaching–even though I was aware that I wouldn’t catch everything because of my rusty Spanish skills. But yet again, His grace was sufficient for me.  I caught it all.

I casually wiped away the tears and listened to the young boy as he listened to his pastor.

The message was essentially this:  Do right. Be fair. Consider those in need.

I was blessed to see that message in action.  They did right by me. They were more than fair. And finally, they considered my needs.

I didn’t solicit a translator, but I’m so glad someone else did.

“The blessing of the Lord maketh rich and addeth no sorrow to it.” Proverbs 10:22

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  1. The favor of God is definitely on your life and constantly working on your behalf to prosper you in EVERY area. This is so motivating, as always. Thanks for sharing.


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