Urban League of Nebraska Young Professional Awards – VOTE NOW


✅ PLEASE VOTE for me by NOON tomorrow, November 4th.

(Disclaimer: Social media/Video supported by Nelson Mandela administration.)



Urban League of Nebraska Young Professional Awards

I made the top 5 for:

•Young Professional of the Year

•Educator of the Year

It is an HONOR to be considered for this auspicious award. Below you will find some of this year’s highlights. Although my Mom, Missionary Tina Roberta Thuston Johnson passed in July, our conversations during chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and even in her final hours FUELED me to continue the WORK. She believed in me and reminded me constantly to “Go, be a good little missionary.”

This was my year. My 33rd. My Jesus year. Here we go!

Executive Editor of the Voice of Missions Magazine – a publication that reaches 100 countries.

Executive Pastor of Christ Cathedral – an 18,500 sq ft facility which houses three ministries

Executive Editor of the Women of Power Newsletter

Main Stage Speaker at the Leadership Africa Summit

Creative Mornings

You Go Girl Omaha

Commencement Speak at the Queenship Academy

ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference Volunteer

BMEC AV Tech and volunteer for Vincent Taylor

Brand Ambassador for

Moduvated, Fashun Freak Boutique, D’Iyanu

International AIM Convention News Anchor and Correspondent for the live stream for the COGIC

Substitute Teacher for Papillion-La Vista Schools and Nelson Mandela Elementary School

Homecoming Makeup Artist

Hired and Employed two new paid interns for my company sevenby30

eBook consultant

Consultant to Fortune 500 company managers

Consultant to Ivy League Graduates

Student of EVERYONE.

This my year. This was my Go. Do. Be.

And now I ask you, to join me and vote for the Urban League of Nebraska Young Professionals Community Awards.

Let’s Go. Do. Be. Together.

Below, you’ll find the transcription for the video. I want to work to have subtitles on all videos going forward. This was a substitute teaching segment yesterday at Nelson Mandela Elementary.

Student: Good! I’ll make sure it you’re able to (inaudible)

Teacher: Good! Thank you! I wanted to make sure that the class was absolutely showing me their best skills. Thank you for sitting attentively—ready with your markers and the board. Waterfall! Waterfall!

Class: Shhh!

Teacher: Thank you. One more time. Waterfall. Waterfall.

Class: Shhh!

Teacher: Beautiful!

Principal Tooey: (Laughs) I just walked into the wrong class.

Teacher: (Laughs) (inaudible) Absolutely! We are so glad to welcome everyone back into our community today.

Class: Wow!

Teacher: And we’ll need be absolutely quiet—ready to learn, ready to receive new information. Everyone repeat after me. Everyone repeat after me. Are you ready?

Class: Are you ready?

Teacher: (Hums impromptu tune.)

Class: (Hums tune back.)

Teacher: (Hums tune.)

Class: (Hums tune back.)

Teacher: (Sings) MATH is when you ADD!

Class: (Sings) MATH is when you ADD!

Teacher: (Sings) MATH’S when you SUBTRACT!

Class: (Sings) MATH’S when you SUBTRACT!

Teacher: (Sings) MATH is when you ADD!

Class: (Sings) MATH is when you ADD!

Teacher: (Sings) MATH’S when you SUBTRACT!

Class: (Sings) MATH’S when you SUBTRACT!

Teacher: (Speaking voice returns.) So today! Now you’re done. So today we’re introducing (truly reviewing) which one? Math with adding or subtracting?

Class: (Sings) Sub-tra-cting!

Teacher: How did you know that?

Student: Because we seen the sign!

Teacher: You saw—(sings) I saw the sign!

Student: Woo!

Teacher: You saw the sign? She said because saw the sign. Which sign?

Class: (Screams) The subtraction sign!

Teacher: (Sings) The subtraction sign. (Speaking again.) This is subtraction. Okay? When you see this—this means you’re getting less: subtraction. When you see this—(dances) that’s when you’re adding. So which is—which has more movement? Subtraction or—which one has more movement?

Class: ADDING!

Teacher: So when you’re adding, you’re moving MORE!

Student: Hey, that was cool!

Teacher: Okay? So we’re doing subtraction. Let’s look. What do we have here?

Class: NINE!

Teacher: And here?

Class: ZERO!

Teacher: So what do we have if we’re subtraction?

Class: NINE!

Teacher: Who said that?

Student: You can’t—you can’t take away nine from (inaudible)zero, so you (inaudible)

Teacher: Nine—

Paraprofessional: That’s why everybody supposed to use their hands.

Teacher: Nine minus zero is?

Class: NINE!

Student: But um—we gotta—you gotta show your WORK!

Student: We gotta—we gotta cross it out! (Student sings) We gotta cross it out!

Student: You gotta cross out your FOUR! (inaudible—multiple children talking simultaneously.)

Paraprofessional: (Sings) Oh, class!

Class: (Sings in response) Oh, yes?

Teacher: I like—I love—you know what I love? I love all of these ideas. You wanna know what else I love? I love that you’re helping me. And one more thing: I love when I get to share MY way of doing things. So let’s look at the board.

(I’ve stopped the transcription here. If there is someone who wants to assist me or redirect me to an easier way to transcribe the audio, I would be most grateful. I want to support those who hear differently.)

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