What a Weekend! COGIC World Missions & Johnson Family Reunion

Mathews to Moody

Photo from COGIC Missions Army page.

I’m still on a high from such a power-packed, fun-filled, and love-flowing week. Going to St. Louis and Kansas City was just what I needed. Here’s my recap on an unforgettable weekend with leaders, friends and family!

The baton has been passed! Bishop Moody and Bishop Mathews sharing a moment during the Holy Convocation in St. Louis.  The Church of God in Christ has been richly blessed by Bishop Moody’s leadership for decades and I know that God has anointed Bishop Mathews for this great task. Bishop Mathews, we stand with you and we’re praying for you!

missions breakfast

Those who worked on the Voice of Missions magazine and the World Missions Breakfast did a stellar job with the presentation. Remarkable!  The speaker at the breakfast was Elder Charles Blake II.He’s a fellow ORU grad.  I was honored to meet him and his wife at the banquet. I was greatly challenged to examine my hands and see what work I can do. #LookAtYourHands Unfortunately the picture vanished, but I was glad to take a picture with the Blake family.

I was thrilled to be a featured writer in the Voice of Missions Magazine. My article is entitled

I was thrilled to be a featured writer in the Voice of Missions Magazine. My article is entitled, “Intellectual Terrorism:  Campus Attacks Beyond the Gun.”


At the end of one of the missions meetings, I was blessed to meet a sister from Liberia. What a golden moment!


My sister also snagged this moment of me speaking with Bishop Lawrence from India. Another priceless moment!  I was excited to speak to another sister from Nigeria during this meeting too. What a blessing to see so many nations coming together for this convocation!

Omaha Girls

These ladies represent “The Cornhusker State” very well. Although many are in various locations, we all have Nebraska ties and represent the “O” to the best of our abilities. I was honored to be able to see so many of my girls during this convocation. These are educated, anointed, and stunning women.  So glad to be in the mix!


I loved linking up with my girls from Cali! It was so sweet having a reunion with them. Our last time seeing each other was back in July in Mexico. Wooohooo! This time was sweet too, just without the sand.


My beloved friend Mallori has truly been a treasure throughout the years. Cards, gifts, and priceless messages from her have touched my heart while living abroad. I got the most mail from this woman during my time in China and Saudi Arabia. We go back to the MySpace days and it was so good seeing her at “St. Memphis!”


Seeing Tanya again was such a breath of fresh air. Mallori introduced us in Mexico and we’ve been linked ever since. She is bright woman who is full of wisdom, strength and grace. It is great being connected to this jewel!


Well, if you don’t know about Waynell Henson, today is your day to learn about her. Check out http://www.thatsundayschoolgirl.com to learn about what this woman is doing in the Kingdom. I’ve admired her for years and I’m so glad that I bumped into her. And she gave me a free “That Sunday School Girl” highlighter!


This picture represents so much. I was in awe of this moment. Seeing Bishop Alvin Blake from the UK was a priceless moment this weekend. The COGIC UK family was the first group to welcome me on my first journey abroad in 2011. They rolled out the red carpet and spoiled me rotten.  When I returned last year, the love was just as intense. I am so overjoyed that I bumped into Bishop Blake during convocation! I love you, COGIC UK!


Seeing my second oldest sister Kristina was one of my major highlights to the weekend. She’s living in Memphis now, so whenever I get to see her it’s a very special occasion. Walking arm in arm this weekend was simply the best. I love you, Kristina!

channing blog

Speaking of family, I got to see my cousin Channing who I haven’t seen in ages! Thanks for coming by the room, cuz!  It was so good seeing you!


My sister Kristina said that I talked to my friend Psalms’ son for a bit too long. Granted he’s a lil’ tot, but I just wanted to welcome him to our world. Psalms, it was wonderful seeing you, sis! God bless you and your beautiful tribe!


Just Google “Not Karlton Banks” and prepare to laugh. That’s this guy.


During my time overseas, this woman has been a huge supporter. It was amazing seeing you, Sis. Gena and congratulations on your award! Keep up your hard work and I love you! Your children are beautiful!

Areyon Bounds Grown Up

This was my first time seeing her son. I was so amazed at how he’s grown over the years.


I mean, look at that face!


And look at this beauty! It was so good seeing you, love!


And then left St. Louis and got a Greyhound to Kansas City. I spoke at my Uncle Paul’s church and really had a mini family reunion. I got to meet one of my cousin’s kids for the first time. It was incredible! These are just a few of my cousins. I have dozens and dozens of cousins on both sides!


This isn’t the clearest pic, but I had to capture this moment. It was great throwing down in KC and enjoying some BBQ at my Aunt Rita’s house. Uncle Paul, that BBQ was the bomb! Nothing like family coming together. Uncle Paul & Aunt Jeanie, thanks again for the opportunity to speak to the women of HELPS ministries this Sunday. I had such an incredible time worshipping with you all this Sunday. God bless your ministry! I love you!


The “big cousins” joined in on this picture. It was great seeing my cousins Paul and Connie. Their wedding was right before I took off for China. They’ve been such huge supporters of me on my journey. I love you both!


I hadn’t seen my cousin Tina in ages and it was so wonderful seeing her again this weekend. She’s been styling and profiling for the longest. I’ve always admired her style, but seeing her as a mother blows me away. I love you, cuz!


This week, I had some highlights too with friends and family. So, here we go:


I went to my former high school for the talent show with my walking buddy. She’s an educator and a believer who has been such a blessing to me since I’ve been back home. And we were cheerleaders together in the 9th grade! Ha! Go, Lancers!


My mom was a trooper and tagged along for the talent show and then we hit up an ORU vs UNO volleyball game at the new Baxter Arena. Thanks again mom for coming! She’s a former college volleyball player and college basketball player. We have the trophy in the family room to prove it!


ORU vs UNO Volleyball Game


My niece turned six this week. I ran to Wal-Mart to grab her a gift, but this Doc McStuffins outfit turned out to be bit too snug. Back to the drawing board for her gift. It was cute hearing her going around asking us if we were feeling okay and that the doc was in the house.


Seeing one of my high school Bible study students come in with his Jr. ROTC uniform on, had me grinning from ear to ear. It was my first time seeing him in uniform and I was so impressed.

I also enjoyed spending some quality time with my dad on Veteran’s Day. He served our country in the Air Force for 20 years and I’ll always love him a little extra for that. Thanks, Daddio! And thank you to all who have served and are serving. I am grateful for you!

14 thoughts on “What a Weekend! COGIC World Missions & Johnson Family Reunion

  1. Karissa, I loved reading your latest post!!!! The Lord has done great things through you in thirty years. I can only imagine what He will do in the next 90. We have Bryant and Mayo blood in us so we have at least 100 years promised to us. Lol but seriously Way to be open to the leading of God. I’m honored to be your baby sister. I see you in the future and you look much better than you do right now.
    And, ohhhhhh the places you’ll go!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Karieta! Thank you so much, sis! I cherish your support and love and don’t take it lightly. Thanks for being in my corner and rooting me on. And thanks for being part of my global journey, China girl! I love you! And yes to long life in Jesus’ Name!


  2. What an absolutely wonderful article Karrisa. You captured and reported on so many captivating memories that will be etched in the hearts and minds of so many of us for a lifetime. Thank you for so graciously sharing all of your gifted talents and being a God send to so many people. We love you uncle Paul and aunt Jeannie.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww! Thank you both so much! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Your support and love means the world to me. I am so grateful that God blessed me to be part of your family. I love you!


  3. Hi Karrisa,

    You are just a woman-of-God to be greatly admired! Just to see how your pictures have captured so much energy and thought. It’s wonderful. Thanks for including my dad, Bishop Blake in your write-up, we were so over-joyed to see the picture, making it’s way across the UK.

    You are truly wonderful. I know Sis Angela, Bro Nigel, Kierran, Kimberly and Yasmin will always be glad for 2011 when you stopped by our neck-of-the-woods. My mum, Bishop Blake, Sis. Esther & my son Andre all great you from Luton, COGIC, UK!

    Keep up the good work!

    Sis Nova

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m commenting on this one too. Hahaha! I’m so glad I stopped by your neck-of-the woods. Not a week goes by that I’m not reminded of the love you all shared and continue to share with me. I love you!


  4. Hi Karrisa,

    You are truly a woman-of-God to be admired! I enjoyed reading the write-up. Glad you were at the convention. Thank you for including my dad, Bishop Blake, in your article. The picture is making its way across COGIC, UK.

    I know that Bro Nigel, Sis Angela, Kierran, Yasmine and Kimberly were pleased the day you graced our paths here in Luton, way back in 2011.

    Blessings from my mum and dad (Bishop), Sis Esther, myself and my son Andre.

    Keep up the good work! We love you and will continue to pray your strength in the Lord.

    Keep sweet

    Sis Nova

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is so wonderful hearing from you! I was so overjoyed when I saw your dad! I still can’t believe I got to see him twice! I am forever indebted to COGIC UK for the love and kindness you showed me in 2011 AND 2014. Your constant love throughout the years continue to warm my heart. I love you all and please kiss your mum for me. Much love to you!


  5. Hey, nah! My pic is featured on a viral, international blog! Love it! Karissa, I always tell you how amazing you are and how honored I am to be someone who knows you. God’s choice blessings be yours.


    Liked by 1 person

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